Tips and Tricks (for dogs)

What can you spread on a LickiMat?

Virtually anything your dog likes.  You can improvise and experiment to your heart’s delight. 

There is plenty of room on a LickiMat for you to spread different recipes to see what your pet likes best.  Odds are high that they will like all of them because the treat is combined with a new licking experience.

What are the more popular spreads for a LickiMat?

You can use the back of a spoon or a spatula to:

  • Spread your dog’s favourite wet food on a LickiMat;
  • Spread yogurt on a LickiMat;
  • Spread peanut butter on a LickiMat (no xylitol);
  • Press minced meat into a LickiMat (you can even microwave it !);
  • Press canned fish into a LickiMat (Sardines, Tuna, salmon);
  • Spread raw or cooked vegetables on a LickiMat if your dog likes them (pumpkin, potato, kale, carrots);
  • Improvise to your heart's content!  Have a look at social media for ideas from other LickiMat owners.

You can crumble your dog’s favourite dry food and put it on a wet LickiMat if you are in a hurry or have run out of spreadable ingredients.

You can pour chicken broth, bone broth or gravy on any LickiMat for a fun treat or in combination with anything else.

    Some dog owners use probiotic milk on a LickiMat.

    Some dog users put mix their dog’s medication with treats on a LickiMat.

    Where can I find recipes for LickiMats?

    You can click on the link here for the recipe blog.  There are also a lot of recipes on Instagram, twitter and social media posted by pet owners, dog trainers, pet shops, and vets. 

    We would also love to hear from you about any recipes that work for your pet, so please click here to provide us with feedback.

    Can I use the LickiMat as a feeder?

    Absolutely. Small dogs love feeding off a LickiMat. LickiMats are suitable for use as wet or dry food dog feeders, and the SloMo™ is specially designed to be a combination wet and dry feeder.

    Can I freeze a LickiMat?

    Absolutely.  You can freeze and stack multiple LickiMats to make it easier to pull one out when you need it.

    If you store a LickiMats in the refrigerator, cover it with cling wrap to keep in the freshness.

    Can I microwave a LickiMat?

    Absolutely.  You can microwave food and treats the way you would in any other dish. If microwaving a LickiMat classic (soft one) it may be better to rest on a plate to avoid spillage of hot liquids when taking out. Remember to cover the LickiMat with cling wrap or baking paper to stop sputtering. If you microwave minced meat, be careful not to spill any of the juices!

    Can I cover the entire LickiMat?

    Absolutely.  The LickiMat is designed to be covered with spreadable treats all the way to the edge.

    You should generally not stack the treat too much higher than the mat for cats and small dogs.  You can stack the treat higher the larger the size of the dog because of the correspondingly larger tongue, but generally no higher than twice the height of the mat unless you are using the LickiMat as a slow feeder.

    Should I try more than one type of LickiMat?

    Absolutely.  The different surfaces suit different types of treats: slurry, solid, chunky, liquid and the like. The different surfaces also respond differently to pressure from the dog’s tongue.You should experiment with the different surfaces: Buddy, Playdate, Soother.

    Will a small LickiMat work for a big dog?

    Absolutely. It all depends on the treat you use. Great Danes love the juice and the bottom of mice meat that has been microwaved on a Smoother™, or Yogurt on a Buddy.  You would be surprised how long a small amount of tasty treat lasts even for a big dog.  

    Will my dog chew the LickiMat?

    It is very unlikely.  Nearly all dogs are interested in the treat and not the rubber.  We have seen a few classic LickiMats with the corners chewed off.  Owners of dogs prone to chewing anything and everything should keep a close eye, or use the LickiMat Deluxe that has a human grade TPC plastic base that is pretty much unchewable.

    Can two dogs share a LickiMat?

    It depends on the dogs, of course. There are many Instagram photos of multiple dogs sharing a LickiMat, but you should always supervise your pets if they are not used to sharing treats. We have even seen cats and dogs sharing a LickiMat!

    How do I clean the LickiMat?

    Most LikiMats are dishwasher safe.  The classic LickiMats should be washed under the sink after every use.  Scrubbing with a brush is not normally necessary. Turn them over to let them dry naturally. Even better, rest it on a e.g. a cooling rack, a cup to make sure plenty of air gets round it.


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