Buy in Australia

You can purchase all LickiMat® products in our catalog on our store right now!  

The shipping charges are very reasonable at A$2.20 or $3.30 per item for most LickiMat items (except for Wobble and Splash), and online purchases will be shipped today or the next business day and generally arrive within 2-3 business days via the friendly and reliable team at Australia Post.  We note that during COVID-19, delivery times have been extended and some locations are experiencing greater delays than others.  Please consult the Australia Post update page here for more information.

You can also purchase LickiMat products in Australia from:

We have a growing number of vets, pet groomers and pet trainers that also stock our products.

If the products you are looking for are not stocked at your favourite store, please ask us to contact them to see if they know about the LickiMat by using our contact form here.  We want to make sure that you can get LickiMats in the way most convenient to you.