Start - Getting Started

Okay.  So you have received your LickiMat® and are keen to start.  Congratulations!  Your pet is almost ready to start many years of enjoyment, entertainment and health benefits.

If you have a dog, please read the tips on how to best introduce your dog to a Lickimat here.  Dogs are notoriously poor at reading English so you will need to help them.

You can use a large array of healthy foods on a LickiMat.  Please make sure that any human foods you use are safe and if you have any doubts please check with your vet, dog trainer or other professionals.  You should always avoid foods with Xylitol as they are harmful to pets.

Whilst the most popular treats on LickiMats are peanut butter (the more natural and “runnier” the better), yoghurt, cream cheese, minced meat, pumpkin puree, sardines and coconut oil, you can try a wide array of fruits and vegetables, dry, wet, raw and liquid dog food, bone broth, gravy, tuna, rice and more. 

Not all dogs love peanut butter, and peanut butter can make more of a mess as it is stickier, so please make sure you wash your LickiMat after use if you have used peanut butter.  For instructions on how to clean classic LickiMats, please go here.  The Tuff LickiMats, Slomos™, Wobbles™ and Splash™ are all 100% dishwasher safe.

Finding out what foods and treats your dog really relishes is a challenge that you should set for yourself.  It becomes more interesting when you start combining treats and food elements such as yoghurt and tuna.  Using LickiMats will allow you to explore and learn more about your dog’s favourite treats.  Remember how hard your companion works to please you?  This is your opportunity to repay the favour.  And in the process, you will be helping your dog feel more relaxed and less anxious, have better oral health, teeth and gums, and fresher breath.

We have put together an assortment of recipes for you to look at.  You can start here.