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Cats can be very particular about changes to their feeding arrangements, so the LickiMat® needs to be introduced with consideration. 

You should transition by placing the LickiMat close to (but not touching) the regular feeding bowl with plenty of room around the LickiMat for your cat comfortably approach it from any angle.

You should put a small amount of her/his favourite treat, food or paste in the centre of the LickiMat.  Some cats need more time to approach a new feeding bowl.

If your cat is still being reluctant after a few days, you should put the meal on the LickiMat and remove the old feeding bowl.

Pressing foods such as minced meat or sardines or wet food into the LickiMat surfaces, including Casper™ and Felix™, provides your cat with an enriched feeding experience.  You will be able to work out the best combinations and preparations for your cat over time.

The LickiMat will slow down the speed of feeding and help your cat better digest food.  Many owners use the LickiMat as a slow feeder.  The Slomo is the #1 all-round combo feeder and treat dispenser for cats.

You can use a large array of healthy foods on a LickiMat.  Please make sure that any human foods you use are safe and if you have any doubts please check with your vet, vet nurse or other professionals.  You should always avoid foods with Xylitol as they are harmful to pets.

Whilst the most popular treats on LickiMats are yoghurt, cream cheese, minced meat, sardines, tuna and salmon, you can try a wide array of dry, wet, raw and liquid cat food.

Some foods can make more of a mess or get sticky if left on a LickiMat, so please make sure you wash your LickiMat after use if you have used peanut butter.  For instructions on how to clean classic LickiMats, please go here.  The Tuff LickiMats, Slomos™, Wobbles™ and Splash™ are all 100% dishwasher safe.

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